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Christmas Events: Virtual Santa Experience

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Do you believe in the magic of Christmas....

With many of our favourite Christmas events being cancelled since a chunk of our nation has hit Tier 4. (Total nightmare)

As parents we are endlessly looking for ways to continue to create a magical Christmas!

Well, we with the help of Santa, Christmas can still go on in our home wherever you might be, just in a different kind of way!

A miracle you might call it? Well read along..

Let’s talk about virtual Christmas ideas!

It’s not a route I would have ever considered pre pandemic but, honestly speaking but with the year we've all had it’s safe to say, that we have all become more adaptable & flexible.

Most of all, we all need a bit of Christmas magic considering we are only days away from. Christmas Day.


As these virtual experiences being offered are new, we can’t endorse them as we haven’t personally explored them all.

Please head over to each individual experience for more information.

Meet Santa Virtually:

The concept is really straight forward with a slight variations with each virtual santa experience.

Some experiences offer:

- Personalised Santa zoom call

- Live Santa visit from his Grotto

- Elf home visit depending on location


A warm greeting from one of Santa's elves followed by up to a 20 minute meeting with Santa and Mrs Claus. which includes being added to the good list and receiving a certificate to say so.


Adults - £3.50

Child - £12.50

Under 1 - £3.50


2. Santa’s Lapland:

Book for a magical a zoom call with Santa.

Sadly the two other events they offer have now SOLD OUT.

PRICE: 25.00


Officially working alongside Comic Relief, Santa is here to bring some much needed festive cheer, with a tree-mendous Christmas Eve Sing-A-Long. As most of the world will be at home on Christmas Eve, unable to be with all of their family and loved ones.

PRICE: £5.98


4. Virtual Father Christmas:

From a video call from Santa to an Elf home visit.

PRICE: £35


Looking for ways to entertain the kids at home this Christmas break?

Have a read here - "Baby And Toddler Classes

I have a list of awesome classes over on my blog that’s just up your street.

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