About Me

About Me:

My name is Joanna, a wife & mother of two and a lover of God, on an adventure called life. I'm founder of JoannaLampejo.com. I started this blog on the 1st January 2020. I'm start up entrepreneur, with the desire to spend more time with my family whilst exploring personal financial sustainability. We love travelling, learning about different cultures and are massive foodies. 


Creating memories with my tribe is a complete and utter joy.

Creating memories with my family is what I love doing the most. The admin side is the blogging part!

What do I blog about?

I mostly write about family days out, I especially love finding days out on a budget. 


Lifestyle, hacks & some juicy side hustle ideas are at the centre of my heart.


Being a homemaker & mother is something I'm very passionate about. Creating visual blogging content is the icing on the cake!!


We are massive explores, who love travelling, eating good food, cooking and are always seeking for opportunities to learn & grow.


Cara is a threenager going on 14 and is the heart of all of our adventures, she never wants to stop having fun. Cara loves baking, cooking, cleaning and is obsessed with learning new things, she is super cheeky and is always ready for a laugh. Cara has the perfect balance of loving the outdoors and when we are indoors, she's either baking, wanting to cook or wants to do some kind of DIY. Cara is a girl after my own heart!


CoCo - Alexender:

Alexander, who we call CoCo as a nickname.

(Cara actually came up with his nickname and it has just stuck)

CoCo is One years old and is the total opposite of Cara, he would rather stay at home all day and break things and then fix them again. He is a typical cheeky chappy and absolutely loves a laugh. CoCo has for sure brought a balance to me as a mother, he has totally softened me up we all absolutely adore him and we think he knows that.

Thanks for tuning in! I hope to see you around some more, so don't be a stranger.

Keep up with us via our socials for all the latest.

Joanna x

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