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Tier 4: Lockdown Baby And Toddler Classes

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Another day, another lockdown!

We are Cara, CoCo And Mummy Adventures.

I'm Jo, a millennial homemaker navigating through 2020 with too little exceptions (You know that feeling?)

Thankfully the internet is at our finger tips and therefore we can live to tell another


Can we be honest with each other for a minute?

Between, looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning and working, I'm certain of one thing...

"The struggle is real"

You go to bed tired and some how you wake up tired?

How does that even make sense?

Then a chunk of your day some how vanishes right before your eyes..You know that feeling?

If so, good news, read along...because this blog is just for you!

By Joanna Lampejo


Now I love a bit of arts & crafts but sometimes, yes sometimes you need 30 minutes uninterrupted to just get things done.

I found some amazing "Baby And Toddler Classes" over the last couple of weeks that are all virtual of course and absolutely entertaining too.


Baby & toddler classes are a brilliant way to break the ice for new mums.

The struggle of getting your feet past the front door, especially as a first time parent can sometimes be very daunting.

The very thought of just leaving your house can often times literally give anxiety, I can totally relate to these emotions and I can remember my experience as clear day.

Two kids later and ever now & then those emotions kick in and I have to remind myself that "It's ok, you've got this" especially if it's a new class.

This week, you get to show up with your baby virtually!


1.Mini Mozart -

WHEN: Monday 23rd November

AGE: 16 months - 4 Years Old

TIME: 09:36AM - 10:21AM


The course has been constructed in a way that introduces children to the concepts of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo through entertaining games and exercises with the emphasis being placed firmly on FUN!

The bubbles, parachute, puppets and other props are our pre-school crowd pullers, and we ‘sandwich’ them with Mozart and Beethoven to prime the children’s ears for a lifetime of musical enjoyment and ownership.


2.Baby Sensory -

WHEN: Tuesday 24th November

TIME: 10:00AM -11:00AM

AGE: New Born - 13 Months Old


Every class is designed with you and your baby's needs in mind.

Classes built on your baby's natural play-rest-play cycle to ensure they are not overstimulated.

Singing nursery rhymes or reading simple nursery rhyme books help children to develop speech and language skills.

All to equip children with the skills they need when they go to school, it is important for parents to sing nursery rhymes from an early age.


3. Mini Professors Santa Science -

WHEN: Wednesday 25th November

AGE: 2 Years Old - 5 Years Old

TIME: 16:00PM - 16:45PM


Mini Professors Durham brings a different science theme each week with two hands-on experiments, props and photos, a video and a story.

Classes are suitable for 2-5 year olds, and cover over 80 different topics from dinosaurs to blood and the Solar System to chemical reactions. Our aim is to make science fun for little ones and hopefully inspire the next generation of scientists.


4.Phonics with Robot Reg -

WHEN: Thursday 26th November

AGE: 1 And A Half - 5 Years Old

TIME: 11:30PM – 12:10PM


Phonics is the method used in UK schools to teach reading and writing.


5.Nightingale School of Dance

WHEN: Friday 27th November

AGE: 5 Years Old - 7 Years Old

TIME: 17:00PM – 17:45PM


Motivating, engaging and fun ballet classes for boys and girls aged 2 plus.


6. Kids En Cuisine -

WHEN: Saturday 28th November

AGE: 3 Years Old - 10 Years Old

TIME: 10:00AM –11:00AM


A healthy cooking school, from the comfort of your home. Get ready to have a whirl of a time!


I hope this blog has been helpful!

Most importantly, I hope these classes can help you find that 30 minutes - to an hour uninterrupted slots for you to execute whatever it is you really plan to deliver this week!

If you do happen to visit one of these classes tag us via our

INSTAGRAM @caracocoandmummy_adventures - so we can see how much fun your having:)

By Joanna Lampejo

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