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Family Budget Days Out: Tulleys Farm Pick Your Own

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Another day. Another Adventure..


We had the opportunity to visit our first pick your own pumpkin patch last weekend!

Being on a budget or having a budget when you have kids doesn't have to be boring or tacky and I can prove it!!

We tend to adventure 3 - 4 times a week, so you can imagine how that begins to add up.

We love a pumpkin patch, what am I talking about, we absolutely love Autumn and all the amazing goodness it brings with it.

I make it a thing to at least find one really good budget family day out that we can also enjoy and we always compare the experience.

Recently, I've been obsessed with finding more creative ways to have fun with my whole family on a budget day out or a during a no spend period.

Being on a budget or having a budget when you have kids doesn't have to be boring or tacky and I can prove it!!

My, oh my! It was an absolute treat, like literally!!!

It was our first time at Tulleys Farm, which is situated in West Sussex and we left there wanting to come back for more.

Now now that's what you want on a day out..right?




Pick your own pumpkin (DAY TIME)

Pick your own pumpkin (NIGHT TIME)




Tulleys Farm have a ton of events year in year out. Head over to their website to have a quick nosey.


Adults- £2.00

Over 2 - £2.00

Under 2’s - FREE


Tickets vary from £2 - £5

(Depending on days you would like to visit)


- Movie Night

- Pumpkin Patch (More dates via website)


- Book Online

- Bring Wellies

- Bring Gloves

- Scarfs

It was cold out though, so do wrap up really warm (Brrrr) But honestly, that won't stop you from having a bit of fun.


Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 17:30


We had a FABULOUS time @tulleyspyopumpkins we got there later in the afternoon & it was nippy to say the least!

The staff were absolutely superb! And of course helped take some awesome photos!

You know I like a cheeky photo opportunity

In these colder months, especially, for the Pumpkin patches gloves & wellies are a total must! Oh & a scarf too!


Urrm, they have a drive in cinema!!!!

This farm is absolutely huge! There are several parts to it, but all within a 2-3 minute drive!

I cannot wait to visit the pick your own pumpkin night time, then swing over to the drive in cinema & diner!

We drove past & were like whoahhhhh!!!

In fact the hubby (the grinch) suggested we come back for another adventure.

We absolutely loved the layout of the actual pumpkin patch, it had a real ranch feel to it. It was absolutely picture perfect, the details were on point & you almost felt like you was being served an experience.

This farm delivers a whole full experience, I'm not joking.

I have visited a few pro pumpkin patches in my time, the more I visit the more I begin to understand what separates good pho patches from outstanding pho pumpkin patches.

Tulleys Farm sits on the outstanding list by far & naturally will become an annual family budget day out.


- @fishersfarm

- @bignorvilla

- @littlestreet (Rudgwick) & (Chichester)

And soo much more..

Tag us if you via our Instagram page if you visit Tulleys Farm, we want to see how much fun you had:)

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