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Blogging Mistakes 2020 - What Would I Do Differently?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I started a blog on the 1st January 2020, I had so much hope for my blog & honestly....


8 weeks into blogging & my oh my, my name is Joanna Lampejo aka "The Savvy Side Hustler'. I'm a new blogger & a content creator on Youtube, where I share content surrounding Blogging, Pinterest SEO, Side Hustle Ideas, Family lifestyle & so much more.

Amongst other things I'm a mother to, two interesting little butterflies, Cara is nearly three, going on 23 & Alexander has just turnt ONE. (Where has my year gone!)

I couldn't of picked a better time to get into blogging, we were & are in the middle of a massive home move, I'm also back at work from maternity leave & so, yes, life is happening.


With new routines for the kids, me & the hubby, it's a bit of a juggling act, some how you manage the load though, right?You simply plod along, whilst other times, well, you just want to bury your head in the sand. February was a rough month, everything seemed to just happen all at once. March, well, March is looking a lot calmer (one dares say)

I say all of that to say this, I'm learning to enjoy the different seasons in life & most of all, I'm making the conscious effort to enjoy every opportunity to learn the most out of every situation.

There is a lesson behind every season in life! No matter how challenging life gets, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, I started a blog on the 1st January 2020, I had so much hope for my blog & honestly, so much has happened & changed between then & now.

PINTEREST - Pinterest has changed my life

Learning about the benefits of Pinterest as a new blogger has been life changing, I did a video on this & I cannot wait to delve into the subject some more.

First things first, I for one have evolved & have learnt so much, those lessons, have inevitably adjusted the version of my goals for the whole year. (Crazy how that happens)

Growth is brilliant, however, so much can be lost in translation during the "growth period" if we are not careful, better still, the ultimate focus you started of with can be lost. Blogging requires a"secret sauce".....consistency.

Ain't this the truth!

I mean, what does consistency even mean, especially when life is happening..right?

Having a plan was something I had in my mind, I soon realised that a plan is great but executing a plan means something totally different. So, I figured it was time to work differently, time to really be more intentional with my days, weeks, months & most of all 2020 (My Year)

Lesson One - Have a plan & a checklist

I wish, I had a checklist like this before I started blogging, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with just "Doing It" however, at some point that same energy has to be translated into an actual plan / structure.


I have put these templates together for any one that is thinking about getting into blogging or has recently started blogging. I really hope it's of some help to you on this adventure you are about to embark on.

Lesson Two - Create A Content Planner


This content planner has been brilliant & has totally kept me accountable to myself. Being able to come back to this planner daily, weekly & monthly has given me a birds eye view on my blogging habits. Creating structure whilst allowing myself to get inspired has allowed me to get my creative juices flowing, for more content to come.

"A Content Planner" also has also allowed me to plan a whole month or if you are really good, you might try it & find you can plan two whole months in advance.

Lesson Three - The Break Down


Breaking your days down helps you break down you content, now this is the truth. Life just hits you from no where & by the time you know it 4 days have passed you by & you've missed your Blogging or Youtube deadlines. (I've been there, trust me)

I guess the whole point of these work sheets is it really helps you manage your days better if used correctly. Most of all you have an opportunity to see how you work, so it's been brilliant for me, as I have been able to almost track my blogging habits & learn more about myself as a person.

Lesson Four - Happy Blogging!


Blogging has been therapeutic, I love being able to translate my thoughts onto paper (In this case here, lol)

Amongst other things you can make a mint (earn a living) from blogging, the beauty of blogging is that, you can talk about what ever you want to talk about & someone out there, some where will enjoy your content. Travel blogger, Family lifestyle..the list is endless, most importantly, everyone has a different styles in how they communicate, which is what makes blogging so incredible.

I have a Facebook group for new bloggers or if you are considering getting into blogging. (Head over & say hello, the link is on the photo below)


What would you do differently?


Happy blogging! x

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