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The £5 Savings Challenge - Have You Tried it?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Why Join The 5 dollar / £5 Savings Challenge 

Let the savings challenge begin! 

As you now know, I have officially started my new journey to financial independence & so far, so loving it.

I stumbled across this challenge last year & thought it was super cool. The results & testimonials were really interesting & I figured, I love a little challenge, why not part take! 

Now, I have a few other challenges that I’m running alongside this one, which I will share with you throughout the year.

(Don’t worry, I’ve got you).

What Is The £5 Savings Challenge?

You effectively have to save every single £5 note, that comes your way.

It's a really cool method of saving cash & it doesn't have to encroach with your personal savings.

My Goal

I’ve added a slight twist to “My £5 Savings Challenge”. 

I aim to save £5 per day over 365 days in the year. (Yikes)

I have a few categorise I will be saving towards.

Sounds Intense?

Well, yes, it does, but, all good fun, this will really help me drive my side hustle game up & well that’s going to be fun too. 

In my next "£5 Savings Challenge" update you will get an idea of what my categories are. 

The challenge itself can be as light hearted as you want it be & fun too.

Oh yes..The Rules 

1. Set A Time Limit

Decide how long you to participate in the


2. Save Every £5.00 note you get!

Literally every single note, you must save! (No cheating cheeky)

3. Keep Count

Check up on the fruits of your labour for motivational purposes ONLY! 

(Don’t get tempted to spend it)

4. Tell A Friend 

This just keeps the challenge fun & competitive.

What do you think of the £5 Savings Challenge?

Will you be trying out the challenge this year?

Or have you ever tried this challenge before?

I'll give you an update this week Wednesday at 7pm via my YouTube Channel, so be sure to tune in.

Catch up soon!

Joanna Lampejo, The Savvy Side Hustler

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