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"Taking Control" - Financial Independence

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

2019 has been a year to remember, I learnt a new lesson & it all began with a challenge I set myself in September. The challenge was can I pay "Cash For Christmas".

During this process I'd started listening to "The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightingale.

This book effectively pushed me to really challenge my thinking & provoked me to question my views on the meaning of "Financial Freedom".

I mean, here I'am wanting to pay "Cash For Christmas" all because, well, frankly I got so sick & tired of always being caught of guard to "WHOOAAAHH"

"I need to work towards financial independence".

Ok, ok, well, it wasn't that clear cut, however now I look back I believe everything happens for a reason. (Do you think everything happens for a reason?)

So, if you've read this far, (YAY)

Now, I'm no financial expert & I certainly don't know it all, actually my relationship with money was broken.

In my case I just didn't value money enough, hence the relationship break down. Most of the time, I would get bailed out or I would side hustle & make it back up.

As I listened to Earl Nightingale, his words resinated so deep with me, then something happened

- "The Penny Dropped".

Oh, how I began to identify root issues in my complicated relationship with that word "MONEY"

There is one thing I'm very sure about & that is "I would like to be financially free" sooner rather than later.

Fortunately for me, there are tools to help me get there, using this platform & my Youtube channel are an opportunity to help me meet like minded people, but mostly to document my journey.


Raging desire, which has been converted into aggressive action has been a big factor for me.

Lastly the "Secret Sauce" - Yes, you heard right "Side Hustles" short term will allow me make money, save money & invest money.

Long term - "Build My Passive Income Empire"

I mean can you just, pause & imagine what that would look for you & your tribe?

“My whole life, I've been a "Dreamer" always believing that things would just work out, never planning or really considering the complete big picture. I mean what planet was I living on"

"Financial Freedom" is beginning to look like an achievable goal,

with planning, working smart & working hard, I know I can do it.

Teaching my children the concept of "Financial Independence"is really the highlight for me. With time, that seed will grow & will bear fruit in generations to come & that thought is truly satisfying.

Let's face it "Financial Independence" isn't something we are taught at school, so it's imperative my kids learn this lesson at home sooner rather than later.

- Right?

Tell me what your thoughts are in the comments below.

“Why do we find it so difficult to talk about money?"

Let's Talk Money

Now, the subject of finances, is a very personal one at best.

A study revealed that people in the UK find it easier to discuss mental health & infertility than they do "MONEY" (Scary huh)

What I will not be doing on my blog or my Youtube channel is telling you that

"My way is better than yours" or better still, that "I have found a new formula" to become "Financially Free" let's face it, if it was that easy, I wouldn't be writing this blog.

My Content

What will you get from my blog.

1. I won't claim I'm riddled with so much debt I can't think & see straight.

We have 2 mortgages, by complete choice obvs (Obviously) which we worked seriously hard to obtain & I wouldn't mind getting a few more properties, if I can be modestly honest with you.

Some I would like to pay cash for.

Others I would like to pay off sooner & the rest. ( You'll just have to come on this journey with me & find out:)

As you've gathered by now, I believe in good debt (Yikes, I said it)

"Comment below if you believe there is such a thing as good debt"

2. My blog will be about my journey, a space where I will naturally evolve, make mistakes, yet learn, most of all "I will grow".

3. Side Hustles (Babbbbyyyyy)

I have a new set of beliefs:

- You need more than "ONE STREAM OF INCOME"

- You must & I cannot stress this enough, you need to "PAY YOURSELF FIRST"

- You need a "GOAL / VISION"

- You must be prepared to work "SMART" & "HARD"

- You need to literally master that term "FINANCIAL FREEDOM / FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE" by investing in yourself through educating yourself in that field.

4. My Hope

Whilst venturing on this journey, If I can help someone along the way than, that is priceless.


Now, with Christmas behind us & the "New Year" ahead, I'm really trying to set realistic goals for myself.

Last year I vowed not to make a "New Years Resolution" for 2019 & I funnily enough, for the first time in my life I accomplished more things than I have ever done. (How odd..Right?)

I'm a big believer that, being honest with yourself is a the foundation of any kind of "Success" because success comes in different shapes & sizes.

My whole life, I have been a "Dreamer" always believing that things would just work out, never planning or really considering the complete big picture.

But something changed in September, it all began with a challenge I set myself, the challenge was - "Can I Pay Cash For Christmas"through side hustles.

I love, love, love, literally love Christmas, family, food, decorations, everyone's in good spirits, but most of all my kids, they always just make my Christmas, so it goes without saying "It's the most wonderful time of the year". (Come on, you know you want to sing along with me).

Honestly, the desire to want to pay cash for Christmas came from always being caught of guard & finding myself broke for New Years. Well I say that but in actual fact, I would then hit the shops for the sales (Listen, I love, love, love the sales)

So, I got thinking & said, if I can somehow pay cash for Christmas, I might continue this habit & see where it leads me & that is why you are reading this today.

When I tell you it's possible to make money from nothing, I mean it!

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