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How To Reset Your Life For 2021

2021 is almost here, prepare, refresh and reset your life before 2021.

And what better way to start then to take the plunge today!

By Joanna Lampejo

As crazy as 2020 has been, mindset shifts have been a must & as a result I have found new systems that have helped me measure my goals, become effective & stay more organised.


1. Understanding your habits

Habits are a process by which a behaviour, through regular repetition becomes automatic or habitual.

The process of habit formation can be slow, just like it’s easy to create bad habits, we can also create good habits in turn.

Creating New Habits:

Creating new habits can take anywhere from 18 - 254 days.

And average of 66 days for new behaviours to be formed.


2. Allowing yourself the time & space to get organised

Brain dumping has been a new habit I have formed into my day to day routine.

The process itself is very simple & seriously revolutionary.

Brain dumping the night before or in other words decluttering all of your mental clutter.

I don’t know about you but I often have so many thoughts running through my head that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Nursery run, lunch, dinner, laundry, content creation, the kids, work the list is kind of endless!

The execution of brain dumping is begins with creating the time to organise all of your thoughts & to create a measurable plan in place.

Creating Systems:

The best way to reset your life for 2021 is to change what you do in a daily basis.

Beginning with your morning, evening, and weekly routines.

Do these current routines currently serve your overall purpose?

You deserve to live a life that offers you satisfaction.

This toughest reset thus is intentional living, this your full attention & your power will power.


3. Create a checklist & systems to help you measure yourself against

It’s safe to say that pilots & surgeons use them on a daily basis.

A checklist is a list of items & facts to be checked in for comparison.

By Joanna Lampejo

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