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How to make your own flu remedies

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Most of the ingredients mentioned below, you most likely have at home if not, they are super inexpensive & easy to get a hold of..

Why not try this thirst quenching home made drink..

Served hot or cold

We drink this concoction daily & several times a day.

With covid - 19, a national lock down and a slight shortage of Paracetamol / Lemsip one finds themselves wondering when things will return back to normal. (Whatever normal is)

Feeling sniffy and under the weather? You could make your own version of Lemsip. Almost any shop remedy can be recreated at home, there’s a traditional tonic to treat the problem.

With it being “cold” season at the kids nursery and although spring has sprung up on us we are still dealing with the remnants of this flu / cold season.

So the last things you want is to be is unprepared & for the whole family to be under the weather all at the same time. I have always made a mean lemon, ginger & honey tea, oddly enough, I have never boiled all three ingredients before & decided to give it a go..and to my surprise it was absolutely delicious and it had a good kick too.

And reason behind this whole blog is because I couldn’t find Lemsip anywhere (Crazy)

What you will need:

Ingredients: Lemon - 5 Ginger - 3 Pieces Honey - 1 Jar

Cooking Instructions: - Cold water in a pot - Leave to boil - Cut up lemons & ginger - Add whole ingredients to mid boiling water - Leave to boil 5 - 7 mins - Let the concoction sit & set - Enjoy

P.S - How & why do I wind up with random stains on my clothes, parenthood is soo fabulous right..

The best part about this concoction is the kids can also drink it as often as you want them too, apart from the fact that it’s made from naturally sourced ingredients it’s yummy & healthy.

Cara loved it..

And then there was CoCo

I don't think CoCo was sold on the idea..

We turned the same ingredients into ice lollies, which was super fun & easy to do.

Being on lock down has most certainly has had me thinking more about doing more unconventional things at home, especially with home made remedies, which has allowed me to lean more on nature & all of it’s goodness. We have began with gardening basics 101, we cannot wait to see our fruits & veg grow.

We cannot wait to share all of our produce with our family, friends and neighbours.

Until the next time, see you soon! By Joanna Lampejo

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