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Hever Castle - Family Days out

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hever Castle is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, the castle which had belonged to her family since 1462.

But there have been 37 owners of Hever Castle from 13 different families.

Hever Castle is definitely a castle worth visiting, the grounds are breathtakingly beautiful.

There are several packages on offer that works for the whole family or for just you! The staff are incredibly helpful & friendly.

Like most of the world, Hever Castle reopens it’s doors on the 4th July.

Covid Saftey Information

The park is partially open to the covid spread, so things like the playground, the castle are closed and will re-open on the, like most places on the 4th July. Hand sanitising stations are situated around the park.

I don't know about you, but I'm so excited about everything opening I don't know if I'm coming or going (seriously)

I have attached the link to Hever Castle below:

I‘m a total Tudor fan, I can’t get enough of movies, shows and documentaries, so if you too are a fan, I highly recommend a visit.

Ann Boleyn, who happens to be one of my favourite wives, her personality and wittiness captured my attention at first glance, so it’s no surprise I’m blabbing on.(Ok, I’ll stop now)

(Photo credits from google)

The drive to the castle is indeed picturesque, with miles of woodland and nature. (What's there not to love)

There is parking across the road from the grounds and parking of FREE.

Parking is manned by staff, who are incredibly helpful.


The is so much to do fir kids at the castle, from feeding the ducks, to playing in the playground.


Hever Castle has a golf course onsite amongst other fun things to keep everyone in your family well entertained upon your visit. From boating, to archery, I mean, who would have thought visiting castles would be so fun! Hever Castle closes it's door at 6pm, so be sure to. give yourself more than enough room to explore the grounds.


Baby changing facilities are available on site and of course it's pushchair friendly. Wheelchair accessible too.

(Photo credits from Hever Castle)


A family affair, picnics are welcomed on site.

“Horse Shoe Lawn provides a perfect setting with sun and shade and a picturesque castle view. Half Moon Lawn is another popular choice with views of the pond, fountain and pretty bridges across the moat.” - Hever Castle

There are places where you can purchase snacks, ice cream & beverages too.


This will vary, so I have a list for you to look at.




Senior (60+)






Child (5-17)



Child under 5






*2 adults/2 children or 1 adult/3 children

+ Available at the Castle Entrance only

Get In Touch With Hever Castle:

Hever Castle & Gardens



Kent TN8 7NG

Tel: +44 (0)1732 865224


Review Time:

Ok, so, would we go back?!

Yes, yes and yes, we had so much fun & you can easily find yourself at Hever Castle all day, especially if there is entertainment on the day.

The staff are friendly, helpful and always around. We visited the Castle with all the restrictions, so once it’s opened up again, we’ll thoroughly enjoy all the benefits.

Happy days out!


About Me:

My name is Joanna, a wife & mother of two, on an adventure called life. I'm founder of I started blogging at the beginning of the year, I'm start up entrepreneur, with the desire to spend more time with my family whilst exploring personal financial sustainability. We love travelling, learning about different cultures and are massive foodies.

Creating memories with my tribe is a complete and utter joy.

All while trying to adopt an intentional way of living life. As I intentionally evolve & explore through this journey, I hope to bring you along with as I embrace the process and not the end product.

What do I blog about?

I mostly write about being a homemaker, motherhood and personal development, we are massive explores, who love travelling, eating good food, cooking and are always seeking for opportunities to learn & grow. Blogging and vlogging are a way for me to express myself and most of all look back at all the adventures & memories we create.


Cara is a threenager going on 14 and is the heart of all of our adventures, she never wants to stop having fun. Cara loves baking, cooking, cleaning and is obsessed with learning new things, she is super cheeky and is always ready for a laugh. Cara has the perfect balance of loving the outdoors and when we are indoors, she's either baking, wanting to cook or wants to do some kind of DIY. Cara is a girl after my own heart!

CoCo - Alexender:

Alexander, who we call CoCo as a nickname.

(Cara actually came up with his nickname and it has just stuck)

CoCo is One years old and is the total opposite of Cara, he would rather stay at home all day and break things and then fix them again. He is a typical cheeky chappy and absolutely loves a laugh. CoCo has for sure brought a balance to me as a mother, he has totally softened me up we all absolutely adore him and we think he knows that.

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