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Family Day's Out: Old MacDonald's Farm

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Another Day. Another Adventure..

Who loves family days out? (We do, we do, we do)

We are Cara, CoCo & Mummy Adventures..

We were kindly invited to one of our all time favourite farms. This farm is the perfect balance of both fun, farm & pure adventure!

Old Mac Donald's Farm is in Brentwood and is honestly one of the best family outings to say the least.

If you’ve been you know exactly what I’m talking about.

By Joanna Lampejo

Ok, a typical day ticket will cost you £18 per adult and £17 per child (3 and over) - Honestly this is on the expensive side, especially if you have more than three or four young kids with you, however, the experience is always out of this world and is very much worth every penny, the best part is you can bring your own food, meaning that you can spend as little or a much as you like once you are on the farm.

They have some new special treats that have recently been added to the park, which we took full advantage of (Of course)

I loved the “Challenge” - This is basically a “Can you see & do it all” and boy oh boy, it’s a challenge. There is soo much to do! Like seriously!

4 hours in & CoCo needed a pick me up nap, Cara, well Cara is the life of the party, some how, she keeps going (I wish a had the energy of a toddler)

What I love about Old MacDonald's Farm is that it’s family ran! By some seriously inspiring people (Not sucking up)

I’ve seen them put the work in on some of our adventures at their farm and I've listened to their story and it’s very inspirational.

We arrived around 11am and basically were the last family to leave (Story of our lives).

FARM NAME: Old Macdonald's Farm

OPENING TIMES: 10:00-17:00


The whole day (Seriously, there is soo much to do)


- Book Tickets Online (Mandatory)

- Book In Advance (Money Saver)

- Afternoon Saver Options (Money Saver)

- Birthday Parties

- School Visits


Adults - £18.00

Child - £17.00

Under Two - FREE



- Special events throughout the year!(COVID has of course affected some of these)


- Farm cafe (Open & take away only

- Toilets & Baby Changing Rooms (Open)

- Hand Washing stations (Several on site)


Weald Road,



CM14 5AY


01277 375 177


- Indoor Soft Play (Closed due to COVID)

- Hen House Review

- Trouble With The Truck

- Battle Barn "Get Ready To Rumble"

- Happy Horses Adventures Ride

- Farmed Themed Train Ride

- Traditional Carousal

- The Thrilling Crazy Barn Ride

- Gigantic Snake Slide

- Outdoor Climbing Fun

- Enchanted Tree

- Super Scramble

- Crazy Cow Trail

- Combine Harvester

- Farm animals (So much variety)

- Remote Control Cars

- Farm Tractor Ride

- Rocking Horse Play Area (New)

- Splash Zone (New)

- Adventure Play Area (New)

- Doggy Dog Roller Coaster

- JCB Construction Zone

- Pig Pier

- Farm Maze

- Bull Frog Trio

There are 24 play stations / rides on the farm & 30 different type of animals


Would we go back?

Would we go back - Urrrmm YES!

We’ve been visiting this farm since Cara was 6 months old & I’m convinced it’s her favourite farm and slowly becoming CoCo's too!


I love the fact that the farm offers a balance of fun with rides but is also very educational, petting the animals, feeding them to the “Hen House Review & “Bull Frog Trio” the kids leave taking something away & that’s very important to me. I really like the fact that you can make a bit of a saving if you book in 7 days and then they offer the afternoon saver which is also a fab bargain, especially if you adventure 3-4 per week.

Happy adventuring!

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