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A Beginners Guide To Ebay - Side Hustle Ideas 2020

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Ebay has much lower fees than amazon & is the world’s largest platform for auctions.

I recently did a video on my YouTube channel about

- "10 High Paying Side Hustle"


The last example I gave was “Ebay”.

Now, if you’ve read any of my blogs so far or watched any of my videos, you would have ascertained that I’am on a journey to Financial Independence.

So into today’s blog I will be talking about a 3 part series that I’m currently covering over on my Youtube channel.

I'm currently on series two of three, which covers the preparation work before loading an item up onto eBay.

Now, I’m no professional in the world of Ebay & very much still learning, so I figured I'll document my whole journey & share anything that could be insightful to anyone, who is considering using Ebay as a platform to earn an extra income as I to grow on the platform.

Series One:

1. Sourcing

Sourcing is a term used for finding stock / products


There are several places one can “Source For Items”

1. Charity Shop

2. Car Boot Sale

3. Purchase Reduced Sale Items

4. Antique Stores

Series Two:

1. The preparation stage

This series covers a variety of things, from what you need e.g camera/natural daylight to description & key words.

I had a glimpse of Ebay last year & realized that the earning potential was limitless. (What you put in, you get out)

Towards the end of last year, I decided to engross myself into the world of Ebay, so I would be lying if I said I wasn't pushing the gass this year, there’s a massive community of resellers, it’s literally another world & it's incredible!

I intend to do Ebay on the side as a side gig, with the hope of it becoming one of

"My Streams Of Income"

In my video, I talk about 4 things that I believe, could be helpful to someone who is starting out, like myself, so here they are.

1. Time

You need give yourself time to scour around & look for products

2. Note Pad / Phone

Take as many notes as possible, or pictures to help you on you next sourcing day out, or use the notes to educate yourself.

3. Territory Map

A plan of attack, this gives you the ability to designate areas for sourcing.

4. Open Mind

Remembering that you are not shopping for yourself, but for your customer.

Series Three:

Will cover packaging, weighing items & shipping.

"Choice Creates Freedom"

I had the opportunity to use Ebay last year & quickly realised the earning potential.

Now if you don’t know anything about me, I’m on a road to financial Independence.

My goal is to build a “Passive Income Empire” through #sidehustles most of all because it’s possible, with hard work, working smart & having a goal, anything is possible. (Right?)

Fun Facts:

- There are 25 million sellers on ebay

- Ebay is well known for it’s well-known as an auction site.

- Unlike Amazon, eBay doesn’t require that a product be on a listing page before being sold.

- This opens up the marketplace to more niche sellers, which allows for greater product variety.

Fun fact:

More Brits are using eBay now more than ever (Cool huh)

What Sells Well On Ebay:

Upgrading Home Tech?

Well, why nat earn some extra cash by selling the below:

- TV’s

- Old Sky Box

Average Sale: £30 onwards

Upgrading Branded Tech:

- Every 18 months around December, hubby & I are due an upgrade, we sell our mobile devices on Ebay for an average of £370 - £400 each!

- You can sell anything from these brands - Sony, Samsung, Apple

Average Sale £200 - £400


Wardrobe Revamp?

Every now & then we fancy a wardrobe revamp. Great brands that sell:

- Asos

- Hobbs

- Topshop

- River Island

Average Sale: £10 - £25


Used books are big sellers

Average Sale: £10 onwards


Toys / Clothes

- Disney Brand

- Designer Brands

- Collectibles

Average Sale: £15 onwards

Personal Goal:

I have set myself a goal with regards to Ebay. I aim to source 5 times a week, with the intention to list 5 times a week. Now this is naturally going to be challenging however, what you put in is what you get out.

Happy side hustling!

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