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Family Days Out: Days Out With Kids

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Jo here, 👩‍💻

With my weekly top 3 super fun, exciting, educational, cost effective adventures for the whole family.

Working full time & juggling life can be mental at times, let alone when kids get thrown into the mix, it becomes an exciting, crazy cocktail (You know that feeling?)

I attempt to do something every week, to put aside my mum guilt (ok, It's not fully guilt ) point being building memories is everything to me & I will go to great lengths like most parents to make sure that's done.

We get up to loads weekly, but structure our days out in order to make the most of our time together when I'm not at work or just to maximise our time together, no two days are ever the same in our house, so we journal as much as we can, mostly, so I can look back on these sweet memories, after all time flies when your having fun right?

1. Cinema Experience (Four Kids And It)

We were kindly invited to the opening premiere of “Four Kids And It” at the Leicester square Vue cinema by Sky.

We were greeted with face painting & a ton of other fun bits in-between before the movie started.

The movie, is written by one of my all time favourite childhood author’s Jacqueline Wilson.

The movie was incredible, most of all meeting Jacqueline Wilson in person was delightful. (Giggling)


(Cara who is nearly three, thoroughly enjoyed the movie & popcorn of course) -


(Alexander, well, Alexander sat through parts of the movie, which surprised me.)


Going to the movies is something we generally love to do, well, I do, it’s about an hour & a half of no conversation between me & my nearly three year old (going on 13)

Where I probably drift in & out of sleep, a bit pointless really, but I find myself, somewhat enjoying the whole experience.

Can you relate? (The struggle is real)

Taking the kids to London is always an adventure & something we will be exploring more of. Last summer we started our tour through the UK, we started our tour in London & fell in love with the city we live in but never have time to visit. The fun part was we did it on a budget & I cannot wait to pick where we left of once the whether picks up.

(It was a complete family affair, my nieces & nephew joined in on all the fun too!)


(With the weather being warm, walking around town was a piece of cake)


Considering we live in London & never visit as frequently as one would like to, I felt really excited taking the kids & sharing awesome memories with them.

COST - £#gifted

My Review:

I absolulty loved the movie, I know Cara did to, I cannot wait to take my nieces to watch the "Four Kids & It" on the 10 April, they are just going to love it.

The movie is typically for children aged 7, but as you can seem Cara is nearly 3 & she loved it & understood the basic concept of the movie.

The cinema is always a brilliant place to take the kids as It can sometimes feel like an adventure all in itself.


2. Bake Vanilla Cupcakes (Home)

Who doesn’t love a bit baking, it’s totally inexpensive & super tasty.


(The calm before the storm..Making the mess is the fun part for the kids, I think.)


Cara has gone baking mad, all she ever wants to do these bake, cook or make something fun to play with.


Whilst you have me, I’m absolutely rubbish at baking & totally unapologetic about it (Sighs)

It’s something I would like to practice on this year, by the time Cara is done with me, I’ll be a pro (Hehehehe)


The best part about baking is it’s really fun & interactive. The bonding sessions we have truly come from our kitchen & that’s crazy to think.

Benefits Of Baking With Children:

1. Increases Language Development

2. Enhances Maths Ability

3. Increase Focus & Attention

4. Promotes Healthy Eating

5. Encourages Independence

6. Encourages Curiosity

7. Encourages Family Bonding

8. Promotes Initiative

9. Encourages Planning & Organisation Skills

10.Eye hand Co-ordination

Alexander is quickly catching on to Cara's baking adventures & is very curious about the whole thing & is joining us on our weekly baking chronicles.

COST: £5.00


I absolulty love baking with Cara, like I said, I'm not the best baker, however, the fun is just way to contagious. The bonding time amongst the learning part just makes the mix soo fun. CoCo gets involved in the fun too, which we all love. On top of the fact that there are so many benefits. Baking & cooking is something that we do weekly, I believe it's important for Cara to learn these basic skills

3. Imaginative Play Centre (Bambino’s)

Pretend play is so important for a child’s imagining & where ever I can support it, I will & do. During play gain a better understanding of their own emotions & emotions of others. Children practice social skills such as sharing, negotiations & co-operation.

Princess / Builder today ( *CLICK THE PHOTO TO FOLLOW LINK*)

Bambino’s was much smaller then Little Street in size, however it was cute & cozy, Cara & CoCo had a ball of a time, pretend play seems to be a hit with these littleness. What I loved about Bambino’s is you enjoy a coffee & still watch your kids live their best lives.

Pretend play is so important for a child’s imagination & where ever I can support that, I will & do.

During play children gain a better understanding of their own emotions & the emotions of others.

(There she goes again with the cakes & baking..)

(Fire man CoCo to the rescue..) *CLICK THE PHOTO & FOLLOW LINK*

Children practice social skills such as sharing, negotiations & co-operation. The list is really endless.

And he saves the day!

The best part about Imaginative play is that, it can be done at home, which would cost you nothing in price!

COST - £6.00
Pre-walkers: FREE
Adults: FREE


I personally love the fun we have at centres like these, I love how hands on or hands off you can be with the children without feeling a bit guilty. Bambino's serve cakes, with teas & coffees. They do not serve food on sight, but are happy for you to bring yours along (Which is sweet)

Age Appropriate:

Children from the age 6 months can come along, there are many creative things you can do with them e.g play in the kitchen or play in the building block area.

Cara is nearly 3 & she is obsessed, CoCo, well he's just turned & he enjoyed the space. He didn't play with many of the toys, but loved crawling around & exploring.

We will definitely be visiting again soon.

Happy adventuring!

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