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Organise With Me: 7 Things To Declutter Now! Before 2021

Updated: Dec 26, 2020


With the new year quickly approaching it’s time to get organised, said nobody ever!

Is it your goal to finally declutter your house?

Now decluttering can be an overwhelming task, so finding ways practical systems to help you along the way some how takes the sting out of it.

If you can relate to this, well this blog is just for you.

By Joanna Lampejo

With the new year looming & the motive is...

“Let’s declutter”

With a year we have all had, wanting to press a reset button has been all too tempting, but we can’t seem to find one!

So instead, a mind shift was the only way forward.

And so it began, this blog was inspired by my personal experience 2020 for me & like most people was meant to be a year with so many ideas, goals & dreams.

Then life happened!

Now this is no ordinary declutter blog, oh no!

We’re going in!

When you think about decluttering you naturally think..yes, the house..right!

But no! Not necessarily.

Decluttering is really a therapy for the mind.

“A clean home / space is the beginning to a clear mind”

Ever heard of that saying before?

Well it’s utterly true, I quickly realised that my mind wasn’t clear, even though you have all those dreams, hopes & goals, it’s very hard to execute if your mind is not clear.

Besides the distraction of a messy or untidy space, then of course the excuses & procrastination begin to settle in & before you know it, your of course, frustrated kicking yourself because you’ve wasted.


There were so many things I started & didn’t finish & all of a sudden I hit a brick wall!

I knew I needed to change the way I was working & thing.

So I got to be work..on myself.


Now this blog isn’t meant to fuel you to become unrealistic, but rather I want you chilled & mellow!

Taking the necessary time to think about:

- Where you are

- Who you want to be

Require time the most important currency going.


1. Decluttering Your Mind -

It’s an interesting one & I swear by this!

“A clean home/space is the beginning to a clear mind”

Having a clear mind requires investing, investing of your time.

Limiting your mind to as many distractions as possible is truly the first step, this has to be done on a regular basis in order to avoid distractions, excuses & procrastination.


For the last 6 months or so, I have been trying this technique & it has been life changing.

Brain Dumping:

What is brain dumping?

Brian dumping is a process where you are able to download everything that is in on your mind onto a piece of paper or a planner of some sort.

Did you know the our short term memory can only hold 5 - 9 pieces of information at one given time.

So the mind is an incredible thing, however, the mind a messy office that constantly needs


2. Decluttering The Kitchen

No as a mother of two, I find that I live in the kitchen & if it’s not me, the husband or the kids, things are forever being moved about, broken, chipped or oddly enough things just get lost (Still trying to figure the one out!)


Getting rid of:

- Mugs & glasses that no longer match

- Outdated cutlery

- Tupperware

- Anything you tell yourself is of value but your not actively using...Get rid of it


I absolutely love this category & I think it’s because you can get your money back!

Yes, there are soo many places to sell items you no longer want.

- Depop

- Vinted

- Ebay

- ASOS Marketplace

- Preloved

- Facebook Marketplace

- Etsy

Oh the list is endless, there is something exhilarating about getting some money back from something you no longer need right?


- Phones

- Tablets

- Laptops

- Pagers (dare I say pagers)

I know the temptation to show our kids how cool we were back in the day with all of our electronic devices, however, by the time they grow up, the electronic devices will be ancient!

Take a photo as a memento & get rid of it, especially if you are not using them.

But most importantly again you can make a bit of your money back if you sell these items.


Now, after a crazy year, I came to the full conclusion that doing the same thing over & over again the the definition of insanity!

Looking at where you are right now vs where you want to be in 3, 6, 9, 12 months.

6 months ago or I began working on myself!

- Looking at projects / tasks that I had started & NOT finished.

- Projects / tasks that DO NOT line up with your overall goal

- Projects / tasks that potentially need to go in the bin (This is a really hard one)

The purpose of this is to clear & create as much space, so you can think straight & of course this allows you to get yourself organised going into 2021!


Will this thing serve it’s purpose for my overall goal / vision going into 2021 or going into this new day, week, month.


Yikes, the bane of our existence!!

Now I try to clean my fridge twice a week, because it becomes a hot mess soo quickly.

Now I to bulk shop, meaning I bulk cook, this helps me stay on top what we eat weekly & allows me to better plan & stay organised.

So going into the new year, decluttering that deep freezer or the fridge & create some meal plans that will help you set yourself up going into 2021.


We all have that one cupboard or draw that we hide & it stays out of sight!

If you know you know.

It’s the cupboard that we tend to add stuff to but some how never take stuff out of unless your really in the mood to tidy.

It’s all about going into these spaces, wherever they are & having a deep declutter & deep clean.

That way going into the new year, no stone has been left unturned, which means

- No more excuses

- No more excuses to procrastinate

But actually your feeling lighter & ready to conquer day by day.

There 7 things have been a great way to change my mindset, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Practice makes perfect & remember progress over perfection any day.


Create systems to help you along the way, a checklist is always a good reliable reminder.

Ensuring that you schedule in at least once a week and set a realistic time slot to accomplish whatever it is that you have set out to do.

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