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Oh, hey good looking:)

 I'm Joanna, a christian, wife and mother of two. I started this blog on the 1st January 2020. My oh my, it's been a whirlwind already!

No two days are ever the same in most homes right?

 With two children under the age of four, Cara is a full pledged threenager & CoCo well, he's the sweetest one year old ever and of course a mama's boy (So, I say)

Working full time, attempting to run a small business, juggling life and of course trying to chase my dreams. (I knew I forget something).

Creating healthy balanced systems has becoming my life & anchor, which in turn I hope will convert into healthy and consistent habits. (Sigh, still waiting btw)

Life has never been so busy, yet so full of adventure and love all in one bundle. (You know the feeling?)

Time flies when you are having fun, so making the most out of our days, whilst trying to be intentional can sometimes be a little tricky. (I mean, only a tad bit)

We love travelling, eating good food, creating memories and learning. Everyday is truly an adventure.

Living, Loving, Laughing.

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